Welcome to the Foundry Association of Michigan website.

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Our Mission

The Foundry Association of Michigan is an association dedicated to develop and improve;

  • Future growth of the Michigan metal casting industry through research and planning, and to undertake activities that will benefit the common interest of the industry.
  • Knowledge and understanding between the metal casting industry and government and, thereby, create an effective legislative action plan.
  • Public acceptance of Michigan metal casting as a vital part of industry and job creation.

Our Goals

  • Encourage legislative and regulation that recognize the importance of the Michigan metal casters to the state‚Äôs economy (and discourage legislation and regulation that diminish their role.)
  • Provide information and testimony related to any proposed legislation and/or regulation that could have an adverse impact on the metal casting industry.
  • Participate actively with the American Foundry Society Inc. in communicating with federal officials about the importance of the metal casting industry to the national economy.